Saturday, April 01, 2006

Ch. 22 - Satellite Updates

Amelia & Matthew:
Amelia had gotten to be pretty good friends with her sister-in-law, Kimberly. They often had lunch together and spent time chit-chatting about various things. Kimberly was eager to have her baby (babies?), and Amelia saw that as a chance to talk about - what else - herself. She told Kimberly all about when she went into labor with Alyson and how they had to walk through 4 feet of snow to get to the hospital in time. Kimberly later shared with another friend that the term "B.S." was running through her head as she listened to Amelia's story, since they lived in the desert and it never snowed there. At least it was an entertaining conversation.

Amelia had many ways of entertaining herself. She went dancing with her friends...

...and liked to warm her bum by the fire. Whatever kept our new Hollywood Icon happy, is what she did. She was so busy being happy (aka: in the hot tub) that she didn't notice when Alyson left for college.

Climbing out of the hot tub that night, Matthew realized that he wasn't as young as he used to be. Maybe a trip to the chiropractor would do that back of his some good.

When Amelia teased him about being an old man, he pointed out to her that she was no spring chicken either. She gave herself the once-over and announced "Yeah, but I still look hot!".

(Matthew got his LTW by being promoted to Chief of Staff. Amelia is on Dream Date #46 - almost there!)

Lizzie & Jessie:
Little Leif was getting sick of being a little kid. All he heard was "Do your homework! Clean your room! Make your bed! Take a bath!". He couldn't wait to grow up and do whatever he wanted to do...and all of it would be sheer fun.

Leif wasn't the only one that was ready to grow up. Mace was looking forward to being able to do everything that his big brother could do. Liza Jane cheered him on as he prepared to make the transformation.

In a flash, Mace was a boy. Liza Jane was a little surprised though to see her youngest brother wearing her old pink pajamas. She also decided that he was due for a much needed hair cut. Mace didn't care about that, he was just happy to be able to use the big boy potty now instead of that stupid little red one. He had noticed now different he looked from his older brother and sister. Why didn't he have red hair like everyone else in the family? Why didn't he look anything like his Daddy? Mace was starting to feel like the odd-ball in the family.

Mace (after the makeover) never felt like an odd ball when he was with his best friend, cousin Catherine (you'll see her grow up in the next post). They loved hanging out together, playing Tag and Mary Mack. He also loved going over to his Uncle Roderick's house because he had so much neat stuff there - a pinball machine, a piano and his very own bowling alley!

Liza Jane had the same complaints as her brother Leif. She had to keep her grades up, get a job, and keep up with her chores around the house. Plus, she was constantly cleaning up after her mom who was a bit of a slob. It didn't leave her with much free time, but what little free time she had, she made the most of. It only took one date with David to get her first kiss and for him to ask her to go steady. She said yes, but wonders if that was a smart move. She can't help herself from thinking about all the other boys at school too...

(Liza Jane is a Romance teen with a LTW to be a Professional Party Guest. She is currently a Gas Station Attendant.)

Finally, Leif got what he wanted - to be a teenager. He kept to his word too, and did only fun things. He stopped making his bed, slacked off a bit on his homework, and didn't help out much around the house. His Mom & Dad were constantly nagging him about it and Leif couldn't wait to turn 18 and be able to move out on his own.

(Leif is a Pleasure teen with a LTW to be a Celebrity Chef. His makeover is coming soon!)



Blogger Anjel76 said...

Okay ... I certainly hope Leif plans to do away with that beanie. It has GOT to go! He looks like such a dork! *LOL* But if he's a pleasure sim, he's definitely in need of a makeover ... so it reflects this aspiration more. ;O))

4/01/2006 1:36 PM  
Blogger simstar28 said...

He does look like a dork. lol Great update.

4/03/2006 9:30 PM  
Blogger Lisa said...

Yeah, what's with the beanie?

4/04/2006 11:59 AM  
Blogger Simaholic said...

How could Amelia not have noticed her daughter leaving for college? What is wrong with her?

Awwww, poor Mace. Why is he so different? ::raises eyebrows:: I just love the kids hugging. It is so cute! Leif does need to loose the beanie though.

4/18/2006 3:02 PM  
Blogger AeronwyDiobhell said...

Heh, Amelia is certainly a character. What kind of character, I don't know. But a character nonetheless. :-) Is Amelia still dating other guys to get to her 50? Or is she behaving herself with her hubby? Uh-oh... Mace, don't dig too deeply into your heritage, kiddo. Whew, Leif, get rid of the beenie. Quick, before you get beaten up!

7/21/2006 10:56 AM  
Blogger Rachel said...

Poor Mace, the odd ball out. I wonder why he looks SO different? Nice update

7/03/2007 12:08 PM  

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