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Ch. 70 - Lilly the Crazy Cat Lady

So I hear you all took some type of poll and that I'm supposed to turn into some Crazy Cat Lady or something? So this is what I'm destined for, is it? Well isn't this just great.

First I'm enticed into having an affair with a man that I can't have. Then I'm forced to have not one, but 8 - count them - EIGHT, of his children just to satisfy some sick goal that a certain bored "magic bean" had.

You know all I wanted out of life was to become the Mayor of this rinky dink little town. Is that too much to ask? And did I even get to go to work one measly little day? NO. Because I've been pregnant my entire adult life!

Don't get me wrong. I didn't hate it all. I mean, I did get this fabulous body that my author was nice enough to allow me to show off quite a few times by making me like walking around in my underwear. And Roderick was a good lover, even if he never left his stupid wife for me like he kept promising he would. I did get to have a good friendship with Liza Jane too. She's a lot of fun ... in many many ways.

*Lilly gets a smirk on her face and goes into a daze*

Oh. Um, where was I? Oh yeah, stuff I'm glad for. Yeah. I did end up with a good amount of money and a nice house, although I'm not sure how since I never worked. And I do love my kids. All eight of the little varmits...uh, I mean adorable little babies. So I guess I can do this one little thing for you all. I guess I can turn into the Crazy Cat Lady just to satisfy your twisted little sense of humor.

*sigh* It's my birthday anyway, and I suppose I'm due for a change. goes nothing!


Ch. 69 - The Wedding Story: Wedding Day

The big day had arrived. While Jasmine was out at Amelia's getting her hair and makeup done, Christopher had been very busy on the phone making all the preparations and ordering everything he needed to make his bride's day perfect.

He called his personal assistant and gave her specific instructions for what to pick up, what to drop off, and the rest of the details for the day.

"Make sure you get them all ok? And I want those really big bouquets. Yes, they should be all white flowers. Mary Sue is excellent - she'll pull them together for me" he instructed.

"Oh, and remember her gift?" he added "Make sure it's perfect. I don't want anything out of place down there at all. Remind me to give you a raise tomorrow too."

Jasmine was trying hard to sneak back into the house, but instead she bumped into Christopher.

"You're not supposed to see the bride before her wedding! It's bad luck!" she informed him.

"Sorry, I didn't realize you were back. You look gorgeous. I love your hair like that" he told her.

"Uhh Christopher. That's not my hair you're looking at. Those haven't changed."

"What? Oh. Sorry. I umm...have things to check on. I'd better...yeah. You look great", he stammered.

The wedding was perfect, just as Christopher hoped it would be. Jasmine was radiant in her ivory gown and Christopher looked very handsome in his new suit. Jasmine had two Maids of Honor, Jupi and Eliza Ridgeway, and two flower girls, Annalise and Molly Ridgeway. Aiyana was also there, and signed their marriage certifcate as the witness.

After the ceremony, Christopher told everyone that he had a surprise for Jasmine, and was inviting everyone to come along with them. They piled into the limo, and headed into the next town.

When they got out of the limo, Eliza jumped out, excited to be there. "Cool! A park! Daddy, can we go play?". Christopher told her she could go swing, but to stay out of the dirt. The kids enthusiastically ran off, leaving Jasmine behind wondering what she was doing at a park in her wedding gown.

"It's your park Jas", he told her. "I bought it for you."

Jasmine couldn't believe her ears. First her dream bike, now her own park? "You bought this for me?" she asked.

Christopher told her that he remembered their conversation about how she had dreamed of owning her own business, and he knew how much she loves to be outside. When he heard that Old Man Hunter was struggling to keep up with the park, he made him an offer he couldn't refuse.

They spent the next hour dancing in Jasmine's new gazebo.

For all the pictures from the wedding, you can view their video here. If you'd prefer to see the pictures in a scrapbook format instead, click here.

Shortly after the wedding, Christopher got a disturbing letter in the mail from his father's attorney. It read:

He shook his head and said outloud, "Geez Pop. What have you done now."


Ch. 68 - The Wedding Story: Jasmine's Return

Christopher hadn't been able to get in touch with Jasmine for months. He left message after message after message for her, but got no response from her. He was starting to think that he was right back where he started from and that he'd never see her again.

But Jasmine had other plans. She saw Willow's obituary in the paper and knew that Christopher was indeed single again, but she certainly wasn't going to throw herself at a newly widowed man.

Her roommate, Zoe, thought she was crazy to be involved with Christopher. She said that it was obvious that he had something to do with his wife's death. Women don't just go around being eaten alive by flies unless their husband had a hand in it.

Jasmine ignored her roommate's ridiculous theory, and after giving Christopher some time and doing a lot of thinking herself, decided to take a stroll over to Christopher's house. She needed to tell him how she felt.

After giving Christopher a big hug, and expressing her condolences on the loss of his wife & father, Jasmine told Christopher that she'd been doing a lot of thinking, about him, about their relationship and about whether or not they had a future together.

Christopher commented that he had been doing the same, and that she was all he could think of these past few months. Then he softly said "Jasmine, I've missed you."
"I've missed you too Christopher", she replied.

Christopher prepared himself for whatever she may have to say, then asked the question "So, umm, what's the verdict here? Do I still have a shot?".

Jasmine laughed, put her arms out, wiggled her fingers and said "Bring it on, Loverboy!".

"I'll take that as a 'yes' then", chuckled Christopher.

They spent the rest of the day together, soaking in the hot tub, swinging on the swings, playing chess, and cuddling on the couch. Christopher introduced Jasmine to his children, Jupi and Eliza, as well as his stepmother Aiyana and her children Annalise and Molly. Everyone really liked her, which made everything even better for Christopher. "You have a really wonderful family Christopher" said Jasmine. Hopefully, he thought, very soon they'd be her family too.

After being beaten by Jasmine at chess once again, Christopher decided it was time to give her a long overdue gift. He stood up, and extended his hand towards her. "Come with me. I've had something for you for a while now, and I'd love to give it to you today", he stated.

He told her to close her eyes, and led her outside. Once they were there, he placed her in front of her gift, and told her she could open her eyes.

Jasmine slowly opened her eyes, almost scared to see what was in front of her. When she finally opened her eyes, she couldn't believe what was sitting in front of her. This couldn't be happening! Wow, is this really hers?!

The shock eventually wore off and Jasmine let out a big "YESSSSSSS!!!"

Jasmine couldn't control her excitement and literally jumped on Christopher. "You are the best!" she yelled.

"Well what are you waiting for? Let's take this baby out for a spin!" said Christopher.

Jasmine loved her new bike. They rode all over Strangetown, past her house (she just had to wave to Zoe as she drove by), past the park where they had their "talk" in, and eventually ended up downtown.

Christopher was enjoying the ride too. He liked how it felt to have his arms around Jasmine this time. He could get used to this. When Christopher noticed where they were, he tapped Jasmine on the shoulder and motioned for her to pull over in front of the restaurant up ahead.

"Wait" said Christopher as he grabbed Jasmine by the waist. "Before we go in there, I just wanted to tell you that I love you. I've loved you since the first time I saw you. I'm sorry that I washed your number, and that I failed to find you again", he confessed.

"Well it's about time", said Jasmine with a giggle in her voice "I've been wondering how long it was going to take for you to tell me you love me. And I love you too Christopher. I always have."

"So", asked Christopher "are you hungry?"

"Starving", she said with a flirtatious look on her face.

It took Christopher a minute to catch on, but when he did his face flushed. "I ummm..meant for dinner."

"Oh" she chuckled "yeah I'm hungry for food too".

Christopher opened the door to the same restaurant that they had run into each other at that one night a few months ago. He slipped the Hostess a $100 bill and quietly made a very specific request.

"Right this way Mr. Ridgeway", she said as she directed them to the same table that they sat together at that night.

They ate their dinner, had a few drinks, and even had some dessert. Christopher finally made eye contact with the Hostess and gave her a slight nod. A moment later, the waitress brought out a bottle of Dom Perignon champagne, popped the cork and poured them both a glass. Christopher raised his glass in a toast and said "Here's to new beginnings". Jasmine blushed a little bit, and joined in the toast. She was hoping for a new beginning with Christopher but knew she shouldn't rush it. Maybe he wasn't ready yet. It had only been a few months. Maybe he needed more time.

Jasmine stood up and told Christopher that they should probably head back to the house. As she started to walk away from the table, Christopher stopped walking and simply said "Jasmine".

Something in the sound of his voice made her stop dead in her tracks. She suddenly noticed that everyone was looking at her. When she turned around, she instantly started crying.

Right there in front of everyone, Christopher was down on one knee and proposing to her.

In her excitement, all she heard was:
"I love you"
"You're incredible"
"...spend my life with you..."
"Will you marry me?"

You've probably figured out by now that Jasmine can get pretty excited, pretty fast. Before she even knew what she was doing, she blurted out "YES!". To Jasmine, everyone in the restaurant seemed to disappear. She didn't even hear everyone clapping for the newly engaged couple.

COMING NEXT: The Wedding


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Ch. 67 - Christopher & Jasmine; a Video

*You may have to hit "PLAY" twice for it to start*


*FYI: Christopher gave Jasmine her own park as a wedding gift*


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Ch. 66 - Meet Mattie

Hewwo! I'm Mattie and I'm new here. I'm 9 years owd. I wike gymnastics, dancing and I'm a pwetty good singer.

My mama sent me and my wittle brothah to wive with our Aunt Amewia & Uncle Matthew. We both have his name, so he must be weawy nice.

This is my baby brothah, Matt. He's awmost a year owd. Unc bettah be caweful there 'cuz Matt has a habit of bawfing on peopwe when they toss him awound like that. It stinks something nasty too, just like that time I put my shoes in the dishwarsher. Tawk about stinky! Hoo baby!

So here we are, wiving in this big mansion. Mama said Aunt Amewia was a big movie stah, but she just wooks like an owd wady to me. She's pwetty, but she must be wike 100 years owd or something!

The mansion is humongoid! It has a big scween TV, which is perfect for watching Stah Wahs on. The force is with me! hehe!

So the fiwst thing that Auntie Amewia does is staht to way down the waw. Boooorrrrrring. I have to wipe my feet befowe I wawk inside, I must eat at the tabwe, can't tawk with my mouth full (no fun), and I have to cawl them "Mr & Mrs Howe".

"How about I CrushSmushCut ya fow it?"

"You mean Rock Paper Scissors?"

"Yeah. That's what I said. Crush Smush Cut"

I won, so I get to cawl them Papa and Meme. She hates the name Meme, but I think it fits her since she's ahways sayin' "Me! Me!".

Gotta run, Meme is cawlin' me to take a stupid bath.
Bye Bye!


Ch. 65 - Kim Gets Too Comfortable

Kim lay in the grass outside of her home, gazing up at the stars. She had died, been saved by her husband, died again, had her soul put into this new, young body, and now was a widow. What to do next...hmmmm.

Well she was certain that she wasn't going back there. After all, Roddy was the only one that could do it and now...well...he's dead, isn't he? A lifetime is a short time to wait to be with someone for eternity anyway, so he could wait. It had been a long time since she had been young and skinny, and she was enjoying it. Ah yes, life is good for Kim. This time, things would be different. She wasn't the same sickingly sweet, naive Kimberly like she was in her previous life.

Just as she was starting to doze off, Christopher came out to talk to her.

"So...umm...Mom" he stammered "It's your lucky day. Pop showed me how to use the machines in his lab, so I can send you back."

"What do you mean, send me back?" she retorted.

"Umm, well you get to go back to the other side, or wherever it is that people go after they die, and be with Pop forever. I'm really not thrilled about having to do this, so let's get this over with".

"No way Baker Boy. You think I'm going to give up all this?", she said, waving her arms around at the house, the grounds and her young firm body. "He can wait for 50 years or so. Trust me, it'll fly right by for him. After all he is the one that gave me this second life. You can't just take it back!"

Christopher was shocked, and a bit angry at his "mother's" behavior.

"OH YES I CAN AND I WILL", he told her,. "This was Pop's last wish. All he wants is to be with YOU. That should mean something to you!"

He poked her in the chest and said "Now get your butt upstairs MOTHER so that I can zap you back to where you belong!"

Christopher stormed off to prepare the RADG machine, leaving Aiyana/Kim behind to get over the fact that her baby boy just thumped her in the chest and talked to her in a raised tone.

"Humpf", she thought to herself "he doesn't know who he's messing with".

Aiyana/Kim starts making plans in her head for how she's going to stop Christopher. She could turn off the power. She saw Roderick cause that blackout once. She could do that. Then Christopher wouldn't be able to use the machine for a good 7 hours or so. That would give her enough time to get out of town.

As she walks past Christopher to grab a Coke out of the fridge, she tosses him a wave and says "Bye bye Baker Boy. You gave it a nice try".

Then she turned and added...
"Oh and you can kiss your precious money goodbye too since I'm the rightful heir to it all now. Bet your precious Jasmine wouldn't love a poor man too much, now would she?". She giggled, then moved back towards the fridge.

Oh he's really not liking his mother this time around. What the heck happened to her when she was switched? She's so mean and she used to be so nice. Yes, he certainly was not enjoying his time with his mother at all.

Christopher's never tried this before but figures anything is worth a shot.
"Aiyana - if you're out there, I could use some help. Any help..."

Oh who was he fooling. He had no idea where she was. His father didn't even know where she went after he switched them. He was prepared to have to drag his mother upstairs by himself, tie her to the chair and zap her, if that's what it took.

Christopher went upstairs and tried to remember the directions his father taught him.

"Let's see" he mumbled "Put the thingy in the thingymajigger...turn the discombobulator on...oops, but first turn the whatsahoozit all the way up. Don't want the popalopajop to blow a gasket. Crazy freakin' directions..."

Finally it was ready. He loaded what he hoped was Aiyana's soul into the RADG2 machine. Now he just had to get his "mother" up there.

Downstairs, Aiyana/Kim was having a bit of a struggle of her own. She was trying to get upstairs to use Roderick's machine and cause a power outage, but everytime she got close, she''d see...

her own ghost! She tried her hardest to ignore her, but everywhere she turned she'd see herself and hear the voice saying "Give me back my body!"

Aiyana/Kim started chanting to herself as she paced through the house..."I can't see her! She's not there!"

"Yes she is Mommy" answered Annalise. "I can see the ghostie woman right behind you. She doesn't look happy at all Mommy".

Suddenly the ghost charged at Aiyana/Kim, giving her only one way to run, and that was up.


Christopher saw his chance, and took it.

"Come over here Mother. I'll protect you", he coaxed.

He positioned her just as his father had taught him too and managed to slip the switch to it's "on" position while she was distracted.

"Wait a cotton pickin' minute here" said Aiyana/Kim suddenly "I remember this machine. This is the one your Daddy used on me just before he..."

Before she could finish her thought, Christopher zapped her. He hoped and prayed with every bone in his body that he had done everything right and that she was going to come back as Aiyana...a nice Aiyana would be an added bonus.

He knew that if this didn't work, she would be VERY mad and she was right - as Roderick's wife she'd inherit everything. She'd certainly kick him and his children out of his lifelong home.

As the smoke cleared, Christopher held his breath and tried to see who was standing before him.

Aiyana gasped for breath.

Christopher was able to breathe again. It worked. He had done it.

"Do you know where you are?" he asked

"YES! I'm back home. I've been trapped in that awful place for so long. How can I ever thank you enough?" she said, with a tear in her eye.

"I think I should thank you", replied Christopher "I assume that was you that helped me get my mother back up here?"

Aiyana laughed "Yes. It's the only fun I've had the whole time I was there". She went on to tell him about being trapped in between planes, and how sad and confusing it is. She told him that at the end, when he put her soul in the vials, she was clinging on so that she could scare Kim into the attic, then felt herself being pulled away. That's when she opened her eyes and found herself home. She said she had been watching Kim the whole time and knew about Annalise and Molly, and was looking forward to being their mother.

Then she said "I'm so sorry about your father. Christopher, he's stuck there too - they all are. Jebidiah, Jan, Quinten, Willow, your father and now your mother. It's a horrid place, which is why they haunt this house. They want to be at rest but don't know how to finish crossing over".

"But don't worry" she added "I'll help you figure out how to give them the peace they deserve. Right now, will you come with me? I want to go meet my children".

Christopher nodded his head and sighed a heavy sigh. He had a feeling that this was only the beginning of his experiences with his family ghosts.


Ch. 64 - Roderick's Last Wish

It was a big day for Roderick. He had invited all of his children over for a cookout to celebrate his 76th birthday. This would be the first time he would have all of his children together, and he was really looking forward to it.

But Roderick was also a little concerned. He knew what the doctors had told him. He knew he didn't have much time left. It was something he hadn't shared with anyone else, not even his wife. Roderick knew that he was living on borrowed time. He hoped that he made the right choice in teaching Christopher how to operate the RADG machines. Maybe he should have taught Stuart how to do it. He loved science and was more like a true Mad Scientist. Christopher was just some pansy cook on TV. Roderick realized that if this didn't work, he'd be stuck on the other side without Kimberly. He decided that after the party, he'd switch them back himself. Sure he'd have to deal with Aiyana when she realized what he did to her, but he was confident that he could handle her. Afterall, if she got too out of line, he could just zap her into a fern.

While Roderick was in the family cemetary visiting Kimberly's grave and plotting the next soul switching event, Christopher was inside making plans of his own.
"Yes, that's the one I want.
Do you have any in blue?
Oh you do have it in stock? Excellent!
Can I get it delivered?
Yes. Yes. I'm that Chef.
Thank you sir.
Actually you'd have to send your recipe ideas to my producer.
No it's ok.
So it'll be delivered tomorrow?
Thank you very much.
Yes I'll wave to you on TV. Bye"

Christopher heard the commotion outside and knew that everyone had arrived...all 19 of his brothers and sisters. They had a great afternoon together eating, chatting, playing and dancing. Finally Roderick pulled them all together for this family picture:

You can see the other group family shots by in the Family Scrapbook.

After the pictures were done, Christopher decided to go back inside and give Jasmine a call. He hadn't talked to her since he saw her at the restaurant that one night, and wanted to tell her everything that had happened and that he was a single man again.

But before he could get to the phone, an awful image popped up in his head. He could see his father standing in the yard where he had just left him, clutching his chest. Christopher shook his head, determined to put the image out of his head, but it stuck with him. He could feel his father's pain and sadness. Something was very wrong.

"POP!", Christopher yelled as he ran back outside hoping to find that his feeling was wrong and his father was perfectly fine.

As he got closer though he could see that everything wasn't fine and his father was definitely not ok.

Christopher ran as fast as he could, but he was too late. Death had already come calling for Roderick. His heart was simply too weak, and gave out. As Roderick faded away, he was surrounded by his children and his wife.

Roderick was able to get his breath long enough to say one last thing to his son.

"Christopher, my boy. Remember what we practiced. You can do it. I...need...her."

Aiyana/Kim looked up and asked him "Practiced what? Need WHO?", but Roderick was already gone.

Roderick was 76 years old and leaves behind a wife, a mistress, 20 children and 6 grandchildren.


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Ch. 63 - Leif Moves Back Home

Mace had gotten pretty comfortable in his house. He was enjoying having his own place - a place where he could invite the ladies over to. He didn't have to answer to anyone else or share anything with anyone.

But what Mace didn't know is that things weren't going so well for his brother Leif. He had been sharing a house with some friends. The friends had gotten married, and just had their first child. That meant they needed the room that Leif was in, and Leif had to go. Leif only had one place to go...that was back home.

He liked what his little brother had done with the place. There wasn't a pink thing in the whole house. Hot dog...this was nice, he thought. He could get very comfortable here.

"Dude" said Mace flatly "can't you crash somewhere else? I have a chick comin' over".

Leif assured him that he could still have his friend over and that he'd stay out of their way.

Mace's date was Kristen Singles, a girl who Leif secretly had a crush on. He watched as they giggled and flirted with each other and wondered what she saw in his brother. He knew that Mace was just using Kristen, and he couldn't watch it anymore, so he turned to go back into the hot tub.

"Oh the hot tub!", said Kristen "That sounds like fun. Come on Mace!"
Mace told her he'd grab his bathing suit and be right there. But after a few minutes when Mace still wasn't in the hot tub, Kristen went to find him.

Well she found Mace, and he was getting something on, but it wasn't his suit.

Mace was caught red-handed. Kristen let him have it, then stomped off to change back into her clothes. Who was that girl anyway?

Just as Kristen was storming out of the house, Leif offered her a ride home. She thanked him, and climbed in his car, glaring at a very shocked Mace as they pulled out. When Leif pulled the car up to her house, Kristen changed her mind. "I don't really feel like going inside. Let's go somewhere - anywhere". Leif wasn't really dressed to go out - he was still in his bathing suit - but he didn't mind. "Ok, I know just the place" he said.

"Come on Kristen. Sing with me", asked Leif.
"Wait. I don't think I know this song." she replied. "Is this song about a Beaver or something?"
"Just read the lyrics and follow along. It's a classic" says Leif.

Before long, Kristen had the song down pat.

Muskrat Susie, Muskrat Sam
Do the jitterbug out in muskrat land
And they shimmy
Sam is so skinny

And they whirled and they twirled and they tangoed
Singin' and jingin' the jango
Floatin' like the heavens above
It looks like muskrat love

They stayed and sang all night, until finally the place closed down for the night. Outside, Kristen gave Leif a big hug.

"Thank you Leif, for everything. You've been really nice to me and I had a great time. It was a lot of fun."

Leif opened his mouth to ask her if she wanted to do it again the next night, but decided it was probably bad timing. Instead he told her to call if she needed anything.

Right now he was going to focus on keeping his brother's hands off of Kristen.

(Leif is a Sous Chef and a Pleasure asp with a LTW to be a Celebrity Chef)


Ch. 62 - Cooper the Cad

Cooper and Alyson were happily married, at least Alyson thought they were. Cooper couldn't help it...he was addicted to romance. He'd get it from anyone, anywhere, anytime. He knew it was a risk and that his wife might find out, but it was a risk he was willing to take. Alyson however, was totally oblivious to her husband's ways and was convinced that he was completely faithful to her.

"Isn't it cute how he likes to wrestle with his friends?", says Alyson.

A few years went by, and Cooper continued his ways - romancing anyone he came in contact with and happened to befriend. Little Angela grew up from a baby to a toddler, and was now ready to grow into a little girl. The night before her birthday, Cooper left the house to go get his scheduled Botox injection. As you can see, he was pretty happy with the results.

While he was gone, Alyson went upstairs to put away some clean laundry. As she put his socks in his drawer, her hand brushed against something hard. She pulled it out, and decided that one peek inside couldn't hurt.

When Cooper pulled up to the house, Alyson was waiting.

"YOU CAD! I found your little black book!", she yelled.
"Please don't hurt me!" pleaded Cooper, as he put his hands up to protect his face.

"You mean like this?!", said Alyson as she smacked him across the kisser.

Cooper put his hands on his face and started sobbing. He wondered if she was buying it, and took a peek out of the side of his hands. Busted again.

"I'm not buying your crocodile tears buddy boy. My mother was right about you. You are a good for nothing cad." said the furious Alyson.

"Your mother?" he asked "She wasn't in the book. How'd you find out about her?"

Alyson leaned forward to punch him, but Cooper backed away. "Don't hit me!" he shrieked.

Alyson made it clear that he was to be nowhere around either her or Angela that night, and she went to bed. Cooper slept on the couch...ironically it was the same couch he was "wrestling" with his friend on.

Alyson didn't sleep well at all that night. Thoughts of the past several years were running through her head. For the first time, she wasn't under Coopers spell and she was able to see things clearly. He had been cheating the whole time. She woke up and knew what she had to do.

She told Cooper that it was over. He had made a fool of her and Angela long enough. He was instructed to take his stuff and get out.
"But. But. But. The book wasn't mine. I was holding it for a friend. She meant nothing. None of them did. I already ended it. You're the only one for me baby?". Cooper tried all the excuses, but nothing worked.

"Get. Out." Alyson firmly stated.
Cooper knew that if he wanted to live, he would have to leave.

On his way out, he turned and asked "Can I have my black book back?". Alyson slammed the door in his face.

Her first thought was of Angela. Had she heard the argument? Alyson ran upstairs to check on her and was pleased to find her sound asleep. Today was her birthday and she didn't want anything to ruin that day.

Alyson and Angela celebrated her birthday together. They had a "Girls Pajama Party" with cake and ice cream. They watched movies, painted each others nails and did each other's hair & makeup. It was a fun way to end a very sad day for Alyson.

Angela was also sad. She only pretended to be asleep when her mother came in her room earlier that day. Angela had, in fact, heard the entire fight. She knew that her Daddy did something very bad and she knew that he was gone. Angela was very angry and very hurt.

The next day she sat down at her new keyboard (a gift from her Grandma Amelia) and sang a song about her Daddy:

You fooled her with your kisses
You cheated and you schemed
Heaven knows how you lied to her
You're not the way you seem.

You're the devil in disguise
Oh yes you are
The devil in disguise